The Feast of Pentecost is Our Feast
Dear CEC Directors and Co-workers

Wish you all a very Happy Feast of Pentecost. May the Holy Spirit of God strengthen you and renew you to proclaim the crucified but Risen Christ as the Lord and Saviour of Humankind. The famous Jesuit Symbol IHS means “Iesus Humanum Salvator” (Jesus the Saviour of Humankind). This is how all Christians profess Jesus and proclaim to all peoples for the eternal salvation of all humanity. This public proclamation of Jesus, the Risen Lord officially began in the Church on the Day of Pentecost continues to this day and we are a part of it. It is the Holy Spirit who descended on the Apostles and first disciples of Jesus, who emboldened them to publically profess the Risen Christ as the Saviour of Humankind. And the profession and proclamation of the Risen Lord has continued in the Church and by the Church so as to have Christians all over the world and transform the world history from a story of bloody conflicts to peaceful co-existence.

The tremendous transforming and redeeming influence of Jesus has made him as the one person in human history whom everyone is eager to know and come close to him. Our own experience is that many people in our country do not know him but many others seek after him. We must reach out and make him known to all peoples, especially to those who look for him, in our country. For this, we do need the power from the Holy Spirit who only can urge and embolden us to reach out and teach the Gospel. So let us realize the need of the Holy Spirit in our lives and for our mission. Let us continuously pray, come Holy Spirit, fill our hearts and minds with your power that we may live our lives like the disciples of the early Church.

The spirit of Pentecost demands from us to use all the ways and means to teach the Gospel. We must continue to use the written word, Print media, eminently and at the same time, we must also adopt the new ways of electronic media, the website and others for the spread of the Gospel. We need to make use of all modern means of communication and update and modernize our CECs. CECs must not remain as an outdated way of Gospel communication but an updated way of communication and communion with our students who are earnest seekers of the Lord.

We must also be constantly in prayer and make use of prayer for our students as a means of sharing with them God’s call to salvation through Jesus our Lord.

Feast of Pentecost calls us to be filled with presence and power of the Holy Spirit to renew our  lives and to renew our ways of spreading the Good News of God’s salvation. May the Spirit of God live in our hearts to guide us and strengthen us. Wish you a very Happy Feast of Pentecost once again

Fr. Varghese N. SVD,                                                                
(ACECI National Office, New Delhi-1)



A Prayer for the Evangelization of India

(Please pray and e-mail this prayer to another person)

Almighty Eternal God, we adore and thank you for sending your Son and your Spirit for the salvation and sanctification of the whole human race. Make us all worthy to be called as your children and help us to live with one another as your children.

Father, we thank you especially for your offer of salvation through your Son to our country through St. Thomas the Apostle and many great missionaries like St. Francis Xavier. Even then millions in our country grope in ignorance of and unbelief in your son and fail to acknowledge you as the one and only true God. Send your Holy Spirit into the hearts and minds of our people, so that they may be drawn to your Son and recognize and accept him as their Lord and Saviour. Give them the grace to accept each other as brothers and sisters without any discrimination and prejudice, so that we may accept each other as your children.

Father, fill your Church in India with your Holy Spirit, so that all those who believe may be true witnesses to your Son, and are eager to share the Good News of your saving and caring love. Fill all our Missionaries with eagerness and courage to reach out to all our people and share the message of your love and salvation with everyone. Mary, queen of Apostles, pray for the salvation of our country. St. Thomas, St. Francis Xavier and Missionary martyrs and saints of India pray for the salvation of all of us.  We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. [Amen]